Bring Your Own Beautiful Classes


Group Classes

If you've ever wondered how to perfectly execute the latest makeup trend but have no idea where to start, look no further.  Our highly trained makeup artists can "show you how" while you relax and have a great time! So, grab your girlfriends and join us in our gorgeous studio for Bring Your Own Beautiful Classes™!

Lash bash: the art of the flutter 
$50 per person (5 person minimum)  1 HOUR

Eyelashes are the finishing touch to just about any look but choosing the right ones and getting them properly set can be a disastrous mystery!  During this group session we will help you determine the right lash for your face, teach you to tailor it and help you perfect the art of applying them seamlessly.  Everything you'll need is provided by BYOBClassesand you'll walk out workin' it with the confidence to pull it off again!

well lit: highlighting and contouring for humans

Everyone wants to look like there's a professional lighting crew following them at all times but figuring out the contours of your own face can be a challenge with the cookie-cutter techniques that are prevalent on the interwebs. Let our artists help you find the correct color and placement for you so it doesn't look like you fell asleep on a chocolate bar or lost a fight with a box of glitter. We will provide you with a large selection of products and tools to create the perfect 'lift' that is virtually undetectable.

the 5-minute mom face

Learn to make the most impact in the least amount of time with these time and money saving tips. (BTW, You don't have to have a rugrat trying to climb your leg to take this quick class!) Our artists will walk you through the ins-and-outs of efficient techniques and prudent product choices that will get you out the door and looking like you "woke up like this"!

Fleek of the week

This class allows US to present the latest-and-greatest as it pops up in trend land!  Maybe it's a smokey eye tutorial, the ultimate red lip update or a perfect winged liner lesson...we are constantly scouring the makeup universe to keep ourselves (and you) on point at all times.  Requests and suggestions are always welcome, so bring it on!

On Location Styling

For on-location makeup and hair styling services, please inquire here:


Private Lessons

Makeup Bag Makeover 
$250 ($50 products credit)  2 hours

Whether you're in need of a full do-over in the cosmetics department or you want to keep up with the latest trends , the Makeup Bag Makeover is the perfect personalized session for you.  During this in-depth lesson, you’ll learn how to care for the skin you're in and expertly apply your makeup so you can put your best face forward every day...whether you're in the office, in front of the camera or on the red carpet!

In your individual session, we will customize your skin care regimen and makeup application method to your lifestyle while using products you have and recommending products you never knew you needed!  You’ll leave with a the confidence to replicate the look when anytime...and the support to ask questions when memory doesn't serve!

$50.00 of the lesson fee will be redeemable in cosmetics and/or skincare from the carefully curated collection of products we carry plus a 10% discount for all additional product purchased at the time of your lesson.


Young & Beautiful Makeup Lesson
$175 ($25 redeemable in products)  1.5 hours

Designed especially for those who are just starting to wear makeup, the Young & Beautiful Makeup Lesson will include skincare and cosmetic tips for first-timers. One of our Master Makeup Artists will guide you on the path of proper skin care as well as applying color correctly—and using the correct colors—to accentuate your best features and achieve a more natural look.

Our personal instruction will include a daily skincare regimen customized for your skin’s specific needs. Your artist will demonstrate detailed makeup application techniques to enhance your natural tones and help you learn to choose colors in the future.  You will leave with a better understanding of how to care for your skin and look great every single day.

$25.00 of the lesson fee will be redeemable in cosmetics and/or skincare from the carefully curated collection of products we carry plus a 10% discount for all additional product purchased at the time of your lesson.

Personal Shopping

For one-on-one personal image styling and shopping, please inquire here: